Seattle ACYO’s Father’s Day Zoom Conference
June 30 , 2020 , 23:38
Seattle ACYO’s Father’s Day Zoom Conference

With the blessing and participation of Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate of Western Diocese of Armenian Church of North America, on June 18, the ACYO of Holy Resurrection Armenian Church of Seattle held a Father’s Day Zoom call.  The Rev. Fr. Vazgen Boyajyan, Parish Priest of Holy Resurrection Armenian Church Seattle; the Rev. Fr. Mashdots Keshishian, Parish Priest of Saint Kevork Armenian Church of Portland; were the clergy from the Armenian communities of the Pacific Northwest who participated in the conference. The special guest speaker was Deacon Hayk Tadevosyan, ACYO Chairman of the Seattle Parish. Deacon Hayk spoke about the importance of centering our families around God. as he imparted spiritual wisdom in the hearts of the youth, Deacon Hayk expressed his love and devotion to the Armenian Church and encouraged the young members to continue to serve the church with a renewed sense of commitment and by strengthening their relationship with God.

Following Dn. Hayk’s presentation, Archbishop Derderian greeted and blessed the Seattle ACYO members. His Eminence also encouraged the ACYO to continue their involvement in the Armenian Church mission. In his speech he congratulated all fathers, and emphasized that the fathers are a bridge for their children, leading them to God.

Those who attended had the opportunity to ask questions and actively engage in discussion.

After the delivery of Deacon Hayk Tadevosyan’s inspirational message, Ellen Isakhanyan, Ariana Ghazaryan, and Lianna Khachatryan expressed their gratitude by reading poems and singing songs.

Our priest, Father Vazgen, shared a wonderful message on fatherhood, and spoke on the father's role as a blessing for their children. Father Vazgen thanked all organizers for their hard work and dedication.

At the end, Father Mashdots Keshishian expressed his appreciation to the Seattle ACYO for extending an invitation to him to take part in the unique Father’s Day celebration together and he invited ACYO members to Portland to meet and have a prayer day with local ACYO members.

We are grateful for the opportunity we had to hear from inspirational mentors. We hope everyone had a happy Father's Day!